Raffles Hotel Pool Day

Pool Day Review Card: Raffles Hotel Pool

* Hours:
Open 8am – 8pm

* Which facilities do they have for children?
Kiddie pool. a Hot, tomb shaped jacuzzi (kiddie favorite, even in hot weather) and the actual pool is AMAZING. They have sun lounger chairs in the pool, with more bubbles. Water fountains everywhere. The kids loved it!

* Emmie’s Review:
“It is very nice; I want to go there again and again. I love the hot tub the most.”

* Markus’s Review:
“It is amazing, it is very good really, because it has a very big pool and some bubble chairs. I liked the pizza and the fruit, not stuff that is not vegan.”

* What did we eat?
This hotel can customize food in any way, we asked what we wanted, and they surpassed our expectations.
We had VKD designed Garlic Marinara pizza and Avocado pasta (not on the menu), the best! Let us know if you want to go, I will give you the detail on what to order. Fruit plates are out of this world!

* How was the food?
Unbelievably good, perfection. Before the food reached us, the very attentive waiter found a problem with our order, he corrected it, apologized and we did not even have a chance to be complain. This pool has 7* service, this is a huge compliment as we go to many 5* hotel pools. So far Raffles are the best when it comes to pool day service.

* Other food options?
They can custom make anything, no jokes, they also have a vegan falafel wrap, falafel bento box and tropical fruit platter on the menu.

* And the service?

* Kid friendly:
The staff is friendly with children, they felt welcome. The children played from 9am to 4pm. There are many parts of the pool to explore and to play imaginative games. As far as I know there is no kids club but connected Wafi does have kiddie play areas.

* Cleanliness:
This hotel is immaculate. Especially love their oversized towels.

* Overall Experience:
We have been to four pool days at Raffles, they make us feel special every time and go out of their way for vegan guest. A++

* Will we return?
Off course

* Recommended?
If you love pool days and love that extra special service, then you must go to Raffles.

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