The Organic Café

Restaurant Review Card: The Organic Cafe

* Location:
City Land Mall

* Hours:
8am – 8pm All week

* Cuisine:
International Selection of Organic Meals

* Emmie’s Review:
“I really liked it, my favorite was the broccoli biryani and the play area.”

* Markus’s Review:
“It was nice, the pizza was so good.”

* What did we eat?
Vegan 4 Cheese pizza and the Lemon Broccoli Biryani. There are more options, so we must go back.

* How was the food?
The Biryani is amazing, we almost licked our plates. The four-cheese pizza was nice, but a little more flavor, like fresh basil, rosemary or garlic would take it to a next level.

* And the service?
The waitresses were lovely, the manager was not so friendly. Maybe a bad day?

* Waiting time:
The food was at our table in no time, happy hungry kids.

* Kid-friendly:
The kid’s menu is not vegan child friendly. We love to share, so it fine for us, but it would be nice to have options for the little ones. Most importantly, the kids loved the food that was available to them. There is a little play area for younger children, my big girl had fun there too.

* Décor:
Relaxed and inviting, they have more private seating upstairs.

* Overall Experience:
We really enjoyed it! We loved the fact that you can fill your own water up, instead of buying plastic bottles.

* Will we return?
Yes, more to try on the menu lol!

* Recommended?
Extremely vegan friendly, the store also stocks amazing vegan products.

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