Pikoo Seaweed Snacks

We would like to tell you guys about Pikoo Seaweed snacks! Seaweed snacks can be an acquired taste, but we love them so much that we want to spread the word. It is a light, healthy snack with many benefits, so instead of going for an unhealthy alternative in salty snacks, these really do the trick.

Our love for seaweed started back when I was teaching a preschool class full of 3-year old’s, one little girl had seaweed as a snack every day amongst others and literally ravaged through the packet like a hungry dinosaur. I was amazed, intrigued, and a little surprised. So, when I saw the seaweed in the store, I bought some to see why she loves them so much.

At first, I didn’t know if I liked it or not, but I finished the packet. A few days later, I craved it, opened another packet, gave some to Emmie… and that was it. Seaweed became a permanent fixture in our snack cupboard.

These days, I do eat them myself once or twice a week, but my children cannot get enough of them. Especially Emmie, if I don’t restrict her, she will sit down and eat package after package. We have tried other brands of roasted seaweed sheets in the past, but these are flavorful and not as salty as some other brands. I liked that the pieces were crunchy, not as greasy and they didn’t stick to my palate. They are vegan, gluten-free, high in fiber, and contains plant protein, calcium, omega 3, and iodine.

So far, we have tried Pikoo’s Sea Salt flavor, Toasted Sesame, and the kids’ favorite, Seaweed Crisps with Brown rice. And hoping to see a Wasabi flavor soon xx
Note, we review products as a family, but my children have the deciding vote. Their vote was an excited "thumbs up!”

Go get your Pikoo snacks at Kibsons or any other major supermarket.

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