Cashew Basil Pasta

This pasta tastes crisp, fresh, and healthy. It has gut cleansing properties; definitely one of those recipes you must incorporate into your menu on a weekly basis. 

Enjoy my friends xx


* 500g dried pasta

* 130g frozen green peas

* boiling water

* 200 g cashews, dry roasted or activated

* 1 lemon zest only, no white pith

* 30g Nutritional yeast

* 2 avocados (approx. 200g)

* 2 lemons, juice only, to taste

* 50g fresh basil, leaves only

* 90g extra virgin olive oil

* 90g filtered water

* 2 garlic cloves

* salt, to taste

* ground black pepper, to taste

* watercress, to garnish 


* Prepare pasta as per packet instructions.

* Cover peas with boiling water and set aside.

* Place 60g of the cashews into a food processor and chop into pieces (don’t mill) Then set aside.

* Place remaining 140g cashews, lemon zest of one lemon, and Nutritional yeast into processor; blend until milled.

* Add avocado, lemon juice, basil, olive oil, filter water, and garlic and process, then scrape down sides and process till creamy and smooth.

* Drain the peas, then add to the mixture and process till peas are crushed. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

* Add sauce to the reserved pasta and combine. Sprinkle with reserved cashews, then top with watercress to serve.


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