Where do vegans get Vitamin A?

Great news, our bodies turn carotenoids from plant foods into vitamin A. This vitamin is required for growth and development, eye health and the normal functioning of our immune systems.

The best plant sources of beta-carotene are: 
Carrots, butternut squash, spinach, sweet potato, kale red pepper, cantaloupe melon, papaya, mango, watercress and some plant-based margarines.

How much do we need?
Men need around 0.7 milligrams a day and women, 0.6 milligrams of per day. Only a small amount in needed, but it is so important. 
Signs of deficiencies include: 
Night blindness, which can progress to more severe eye problems such as corneal ulcers, scarring, and blindness. It also reduces your ability to fight off infections and for red blood cell formation. 
Getting Vitamin A from plant is sufficient, but if you decide to take a supplement, be careful not to overdo Vitamin A. That can cause different health issues, so it is best to consult a nutritionist or GP to guide you.

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